Atomic Story Method: Book 1

By: P.E. YoungLibby

At last! A method for writing long-form fiction that strips away all the fluff and gets down to the nucleus of what makes a story great. Written by an award-winning author and screenwriter, this book takes you through the fundamental forces at work in every story, regardless of genre.


Finally! A Method That Makes Sense!

You struggle. You slave. You pull your hair out and bang your head against the keyboard. All because you want to write.

Your frustration is about to end…

You’ve read all the books, studied all the methods, but none of them quite seem to resonate with you. Or worse, they are confusing and lead you down the wrong path. You wish you could figure out what makes stories really work, so that you can consistently write quality work that grabs readers and keeps them coming back for more.

The answer is right here!

Written by a Nicholl Fellowship Finalist, Atomic Story breaks open the mysteries of how stories are structured on an atomic level, and lays out the fundamental concepts used by award-winning screenwriters, storytellers and novelists to create a solid structure for any type of story, in any type of genre.




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